Thursday, 26 May 2011

Westward Ho

After our lovely stay in Isle sur la Sorgue we headed west on Easter Sunday all the way to Carcassonne and we did see the Med. as we sailed along through beautiful countryside.
We were headed forthe home of Caroline Gorst a friend of Lizzie who lives in over a hundred acres of private woodland and pasture near Mirepoix.
Caroline has a lovely home and a fine selection of animals and birds who share it with her. You can let the house and for further details
It is a haven of peace and beauty , we arrived early afternoon and were pleased just to relax and stop after being on the road for a week.
We were made so welcome and Easter Monday Mirepoix has a big market and fete which we went off to visit. I fell in love with the town and all the surrounding area,being able to see the Pyrenees in the background was an added thrill and most dramatic when later in the day we could hear and see the storm rolling over the peaks.
The afternoon was spent gardening in the sun , the herbaceous border was our contribution ! the evening rain meant easy planting for Caroline after our efforts.
We had a lovely stay and keen to take up Caroline's invitation to go again. We managed to buy in two Brocantes in Mirepoix and on the way back to the motorway stopped off at a Brocante which was an absolute treasure trove and run by a delightful young couple.

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