Saturday, 29 December 2012

B is for bags

This was the next thing on my " must do " list and I have had great fun with these, I love red on white and anything to do with letters and numbers, this is just the start , I am just getting into the mood or is it " zone " these days !


  1. Linda,
    I absolutely utterly and completely ADORE the blue'n'white patchwork blanket, and unashamedly I'm going to steal the idea lock stock and almost barrel (I think I'll do a heavyweight blue crocheted border) as a cosy new bedspread for our bedroom)
    thankyou- new year inspiration at its best!

    1. Oh enjoy ! I have made five over the years ,I expect it has been done before but we all add our own bits ! let me see your when you finish
      Thank you for your message and Happy New Year , hope to see you soon xx