Friday, 28 December 2012

Project finished !

I have been longing to have the time to do some creative sewing instead of washing and ironing ! I have had this pile of blanket pieces on view for some time awaiting a few  free days.
When " my Young" headed off back to London I made a start that day .
My other family visitors have been in and out and quite happy to chat while I did the hand sewing so today I completed the project.
I dyed a French sheet for the backing , they are a good weight and weave for backing and dye beautifully.

Hand made felt "mattress buttons " and amazing vintage labels
in this case "antique" I think
Franglais ak Lizzie and myself have a good stash of scrap linen for all your projects and at very good prices, all weights and weaves.


  1. Hi, That is absolutely lovely. Lynne

  2. Thank you, I love making these, it's the colours I think, very gentle

  3. Busy Linda! you are getting going again - was this last year's good resolution or are you just ahead of everyone else this year?Ever since I saw John Fowler's original curtains made out of striped hankies or tea towels, I have enjoyed new ideas for the old craft of patchwork and you are leading the way with your blankets and shetland squares. This is a lovely mix of economy and original design - whatever next? Buffy