Sunday, 26 July 2009

Linens and French prints

All ready to go for the next fairs some of these might creep back into my cupboards if I am not careful!

I am awaiting my parcel of feedsack fabrics which were waylaid by customes and whatsits for VAT if you like! I thought there was no VAT on second hand goods ?? , plus £8.00 handling charge! this is not the first time, it makes me cross


  1. I think the lovelies would be sneaking back into my cupboards too. How do you ever decide what to keep and what to sell I just don't know.

  2. Difficult one Stephanie! The carnations are winging their way to Carla in Italy and the French feathers are back on my treasure shelves. I read somewhere if you have favorite things you should have them where you can enjoy them. I bought some shelves and they sit at the top of my stairs with my best things on them so I can have a little stroke as I go past . Some go on to be treasured by others but some, often the wrecked but early bits tend to linger