Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nearly Vintage

I have here a pile of lovely florals, some good names here ...Colefax and Fowler, Sanderson, Tricia Guild ,Laura Ashley, and all of them about thirty years old.
Nice to see some lovely English quality.....think cushions and bags for these


  1. I'm only familiar with Laura Ashley. A lovely lot.

  2. How lovely that Vi and Eileen visited DH. Thanks for the support. Your nearly vintage fabric haul looks rather like mine at the moment - loads of Colefax & Fowler and 1970s Laura Ashley.

    Nina Campbell called at DH the other day. After she left I found I had some of her early fabric, too.


  3. Lovely fabrics. thirty years to us only seems like yesterday but to the younger generation it really is vintage. I too have a lot of this type of fabric in my stash and it always sells well.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue