Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Washed out in Lyme Regis

The weather could not have been worse! However we were on our day out in Lyme and determined to enjoy ourselves on Lizzie"s Birthday treat.
We started at the top of the hill with a visit to Harriet in her shop on Silver Street which is just packed with goodies, if vintage clothes are your thing then look no further . You will get a warm welcome from her and are bound to find something you can't resist

We worked our way down the hill dodging the showers and enjoyed Susie Cole's two shops, I marvel at how she fits it all in and color co ordinated areas full of interest, just one of my favorite places for gifts and indulgences.
The sea was wild and grey but sadly is was coming down " stair rods " as my Granny would say so we could not brave the cob without being drowned so settled for a snack lunch overlooking the sea at the bottom of town .
If you take the narrow lane to the Mill more delights await , there are several lovely shops and galleries to explore with some artisans at work in these picturesque narrow lanes and the Mill itself is a great space with Gallery cafe and workshops. It is a working mill too.

The weather worsened so we made a run for Auntie Nora's house for towels and hot tea both soaked
We will wait for a sunny day and go back for a replay , but came home with lots of inspiration a day like that can bring.


  1. I have never been to Harriets shop, must do so next time I am down that way!
    Glad you managed to enjoy yourselves despite the bloomin weather!
    Lizzie x

  2. Thanks Lizzie. Worth a visit you must come and visit me sometime as we never get much time to chat being at furthest ends of hall ! will make a special effort on 11th