Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day 3 in Cornwall /Updated with poscards from Falmouth

Here we are in the Premier Inn Truro, warm and dry and full of tea but not very impressed to find we have to pay for Internet access ! I have an O2 dongle that does not seem to have a signal in Cornwall and so that has been no use, I am getting a headache with all this technology and even "the engineer " (David) has failed on telephone support.
I am afraid all the pictures will have to wait as I have not the technology to download them.
Lizzy is tapping away across the room and we are catching up on our mail.e bay etc. looking forward to supper across the way.
Day two at the Cornish showground dawned freezing and hammered down with rain all day, very few brave people ventured out and it was a pretty slow day , it stopped rain in time for packingup so every cloud......
I think most people we talked to had done ok on the whole.
Tomorrow we have a day off so may visit Falmouth and Truro as we are between the two

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