Saturday, 18 February 2012

Day at the Puce

 We drove the twenty miles from Ticky's to the Puce having waited for daylight and found a very relaxed set up despite the fact it was only half an hour to opening, we were not last by any means.
They had the coffee on and various brioche etc. The tea making was somewhat randome !! what is it the French don't understand about boiling water for tea ?
Anyway our lovely hostess went down the road to the Bakery and got our lunch bagettes and we were soon ferretting around amongs all our fellow stall holders stock.
They are mostly makers and quilters with about 3 or four textile dealers.
They really like our English lace and linens and buttons so that is what we mostly take , we need room in the car for all our purchases so it was all condensed into two rows of bags and boxes but it was enough to have a good day.
These Dressmakers Flea markets seem to becoming as popular in France as our Rag markets in England and can be found in the " Orange Book "

This stall holder was carefully cutting out beaded applique from a damaged piece , it was surprisingly effective
 We now know quite a few local people and it is sooo friendly in these small Communities the day passed very well.
We met our Hostesses for the one further North we are doing end of April and were greeted like old friends
Normally no packing up until 6 ocl. which is quite late at this time of the year , however it went quiet at about five oclock and the organiser announced a speedy pack up as snow had started !
We got home before it was serious and could enjoy this scene in Tick and Nick's cosy kitchen over one of Ticky's memorable meals , feeling well pleased with our day and some nice fresh stock too


  1. Hi Linda, that looks like a fab day. Glad the snow didn't prevent any of the fun! Lizzie x

    1. thanks for all your lovely comments
      have nearly found livingroom floor !! xx