Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Good to be back!!

Feb. is not the first choice for most people to make a trip to France ! we had a date with a Puce we are now regularly invited to do and anyway I was getting withdrawl symptons not having been since November.
We decided to take the overnight Ferry so we would have plenty of time to let the roads warm up and get to Les Pannards.
We were just ahead of the snow going to Portsmouth, we could see it in the headlights , so I was relieved to reach the port and after a late light supper of gorgeous prawns and a glass of wine we were tucked up in our cosy cabin when we sailed.
I was a bit uncertain as to what would greet us when we arrived , knowing they had had quite a fall of snow over the week and the temp. was freezing and below !
We had an hour or so over breakfast in the Terminal and set out on the most glorious but icy morning with everything coated with white but the roads which were clear and dry ......oh how thrilled was I !!!
Swiss Normandy is not named for being flat
We stopped in Domfront for coffee , it is an amazing and Historic stronghold on a hill, I love it so took a few snaps before we pressed on,  stopping for lunch in Gorron where the Bar de Sport does a great omlette.
I was worried about the last leg of the journey as it is little back roads and farm tracks, there was snow and a bit of ice but not nearly as much as I had imagined and Tick and Nick's farmer neighbour had cleared the road all the way to their gate at the first lot of snow. The French are so community minded.
So pleased to be back
The spire is covered in scaffolding in the background which looked amazing but too icy to linger !

Sunset on the Ranch

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  1. What a fab adventure you lucky girls, I am very jealous. Take care on those roads. Liz xxxx