Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Latest treasures, have a box or two !!!

We always look for fabric boxes and I have to say this trip we really got lucky, we need to do a little renovation here and there , but then " Shabby chic " and a bit of faded grace is what we are all about after all.   
Definitely a day for collecting boxes !

something for everyone

 Most of these  we found with a dealer friend of ours at the Puce de Coutouriere we were doing locally to our friend's Ticky and Nick, Having started we could not stop and picked up another half a dozen at boutiques and vides.
We got home safe and sound after an amazing trip. Watch this space for more pictures of our days in France. Freida the Volvo was rammed full after our last day when we had a call to make on the way to the ferry where we had been invited to buy lovely pristine ticking.