Friday, 17 July 2009

All buttoned up!

I went on a call today to one of my ladies who collects for me, the money goes to charity so I am always a little more generous. This time I was thrilled to find such an amazing selection of not only buttons but sewing tools ,pins and needles and a huge collection of darning mushrooms, a lot in early plastics

Linen buttons in every size and quantity some with wonderful art work on the cards, the packaging is half the attraction.
Mushrooms £3.00 each
What a fabulous collection of mother of pearlbuttons and buckles
I will be putting these on my web site but in the meantime if there is anything you are interested in don't hesitate to ask


  1. Gorgeous haul of goodies, well done. Lizzie xxx

  2. Thanks yes very exciting but need to spend some time carding them up, not my favourite job, what about those birds Lizzie have they gone or should I say flown! xx

  3. Thanks Linda - I hope Ticky gets to look at the DH website to. It's all going well and all the new space is allocated although it won't up and running for a few weeks yet.

    Love your button haul, but would quite like a couple of the pin rolls if they're still available. Rather like the square buttons with the serrated edges, too!

    Sue x

  4. I'm a vintage button lover. Just came back from my mom's and she had bags...all sorted by color. They're being mailed to me.

  5. Hi Sue £18 for the square buttons and three for pins , what color? xx