Sunday, 12 July 2009

" Day 3" Barnes Fair SW13

Sandra and I do this Fair every year and to be sure of being able to get set up stress free and get your car off the site without getting blocked in you need to be there early and I mean early!
We were on site 5.30 am . where our pitch is , is very tight and the size of the gazebo is spot on so that's the first thing. Even at that time it is busy so you need to offload and take the cars about a 15 min. walk away to the designated car park while there is still time to manoeuvre these big cars and vans.
Once the tent is up and all the familiar faces start to arrive the atmosphere is great and it becomes a massive area of wonderful stalls like a souk.
We were doing business by 7.30 and were ready for a gorgeous capacchino and croissant by 9am from the French cafe across the road from us. We have a great spot at the start on a main path so see so many familiar faces and friends it is lovely. We had a few showers but that put no one off and it was heaving all day long 14 hours later we collapsed in a heap at Sandra's barely able to move.
However it was a good day and we sold well and even bought a bit ... thats about as good as it gets is'nt it


  1. Looks as if you had a fab day! missed seeing you at BoA yesterday. Liz xx

  2. you certainly get about!! what about those birds our Lizzie??xx