Sunday, 12 July 2009

Talent for Textiles Bradford on Avon

Day one of my four day weekend was Thursday when I set off for Bradford on Avon with a very full Volvo. Buff had the keys so I was able to take my time setting up and knowing I was going to enjoy her hospitality and not have to go home that evening was lovely.
We had a very jolly evening with delicious food with five of us being entertained by Elizabeth and Derek.
Next morning dawned fine and the rest of the girls " Buffy"s Babes " arrived early to set up their stalls in time for a 10.30 opening. It is always a bit like a party and we are so happy to have Ginny back with her lovely food.
We saw lots of our regular favorite customers and there was an air of enthusiastic buying and much discussion about projects and decor ,its lovely to know what people are going to do with what they buy.
Lizzie bless her came and helped me and took back what I did not need for Barnes next day.
By 5.30 I was back on the road and found my way across country to the M4 I did really well until I joined the M25....
I was welcomed with open arms and a delicious late supper with my lovely Sandra and husband Mike. Did you catch Vivienne Westwood on Johnathon Ross? I thought she was great and he was so repectful.
Liz Sandra's daughter works with Vivienne.

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